What You Can Do To Help

Dear readers –

If there is one passage that sums up why I do this blog, it’d be this:

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied. Matthew 5:6

LCC has been waging a “war of silence” if not an active dis-information campaign on its membership in an apparent attempt to whitewash what happened in the ABC District and their involvement in it. To my mind the objective is clear – do whatever you can to avoid having to take responsibility for a travesty that blew a $50M hole in faithful members pockets and in the thought that “the church” can be trusted.

My part in this ongoing “information war” has been to document what’s going on and so combat the information gap created by the church. It’s been a labor of love working in terrible circumstances that I wish had never happened. But it has, and here we are.

The readership has been pretty steady but it appears to be largely the same over time. While I appreciate these faithful readers, if this blog is to accomplish its goal of telling membership “the rest of the story” then more people need to be aware of it.

This is where you can help. What I need is for you the readers to help spread the word that this blog exists as an alternate perspective on what is going on in Synod.

If anything I’ve written here strikes a chord with you – I’d ask that you share it on Facebook, email it to a friend, or share it with your community. In this way we can work together to help open people’s eyes about what’s really going on and together make good and Godly decisions about the future of our Synod.

In His Service,

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