LCC Synod Board Issues “Mea Culpa” After Leduc Meeting

After the Leduc meeting the LCC Synod BOD sent the following email to the Western Region LCC members. I've also included an article about the meeting published in the Canadian Lutheran. April 11, 2019 Via E-mail To All West Region Congregations and Pastors, The Board of Directors of Lutheran Church-Canada extended an invitation to the... Continue Reading →


LCC Synod BOD Channels “Lucy with the Football”

The "Peanuts" cartoon strip was a long running cartoon that was serialized in various newspapers for fifty years and was arguably the longest running story told by a single human being.  When any comic strip runs that its almost certain that particular gags will recur, and one such gag is the one of Lucy, Charlie... Continue Reading →

LCC Board of Directors Wants to Hear From You / Part 1

Recently the LCC Synod Board chair sent out the following "request for comments" asking the membership to "share with the Board" their thoughts and opinions on various questions. This is the original solicitation: National -BOD “Town Hall” Meeting - As part of the Board of Directors meeting in April at Leduc, Alberta, congregations of Lutheran Church—Canada... Continue Reading →

ASC Hearing Ruling: Balance of Convenience

In the ASC hearing one point of discussion was what was termed a "Balance of Convenience".  The Encyclopedia of Canadian Law defines this term so: Balance of Convenience meaning or description: a common law test; a court applying this test will balance the prejudice to one party of denying the relief asked for, against the prejudice to the... Continue Reading →

CEF vs ASC: No News is Good News?

Jan 21, 2019 has come and (nearly) gone - and no official word from the ASC pertaining to the matter about the application to stay this proceeding until the representative action has concluded. However, the ASC's "Proceedings, Decisions, and Orders" page for this proceeding is still there, the May 2019 hearing dates are still in... Continue Reading →

CEF/DIL: ASC Application Hearing Update

Counsel for the prosecution and the defense have made their case. As I expected, counsel for the defense want to delay the proceedings until the representative action has concluded, or have the proceedings sealed so they cannot be used against them when the representative action commences. Considering that the AB real-estate market is somewhere between... Continue Reading →

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