Is LCC an Antinomian Synod?

If there's one thing that's puzzled me the most about the CEF disaster, it's Synod's reaction to it. Why is this problem being so studiously ignored? Why is confession and absolution being prescribed as the universal answer while the house-cleaning LCC so desperately needs has completely failed to materialize? Recently I came across an article... Continue Reading →

A Matter of Fellowship

When it comes to relationships between church bodies, doctrine and practice (supposedly) matters. Official church fellowships are a way of telling its members that are traveling which churches believe the same things we do, and vice-versa. This allows them to share in the celebration of the various sacraments at each other's alter, have pastors from... Continue Reading →

Taking a Short Break

Just a short note to let everyone know I will not have time for my daily blog fix this week. I plan to be back discussing Lutheran issues early next week. Until then may the Lord bless your walk! IHS, ANO

What You Can Do To Help

Dear readers - If there is one passage that sums up why I do this blog, it'd be this: Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied. Matthew 5:6 LCC has been waging a "war of silence" if not an active dis-information campaign on its membership in an apparent attempt to whitewash... Continue Reading →

New Blog Alert

Just a short note to let my readers know that Pastor Micheal Schutz has started a blog titled "The Resonant". Pastor Schutz describes himself as: About the Founder My name is Michael Schutz. I'm a husband, father of four, and Lutheran pastor. I created TheResonant as a resource for people who want to think deeply about... Continue Reading →

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