And Now There’s Only One Way Out

Reviews of the Working Group (WG) webinar are in, and a few things are clear: After months of consultation and discussion within Synod, it was mostly thrown out in favor of the WG proposal because "some pastors" had unspecified concerns, would oppose the proposal, and it'd be effectively DOA at the Convention. This, in effect,... Continue Reading →

Synodical Bylaws “A/B” Document Now Available

I've got the current / proposed structure for Lutheran Church-Canada's Synodical Bylaws into a spreadsheet and I'm adding it to the list available for consideration. The document is here: I haven't done a review of these changes yet and every entry that says "TBD" in the "Alternative / Comments" column means I haven't looked... Continue Reading →

Restructuring – An A/B Comparison

I've gone through the Statutory Bylaws and the Synodical Constitution, done an A/B comparison of the current document with the proposed structure and put the results into the following spreadsheets: LCC Statutory Bylaws: LCC Synodical Constitution: What was particularly eyebrow raising in the proposal is: A significant amount of power is concentrated in... Continue Reading →

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