CEF/DIL: “How Many Sleeps Now Daddy?”

When I was younger it seemed like "tomorrow" was eternity to wait when I wanted something. Consequently when my Dad talked about waiting a few weeks or months it was more than my young mind could comprehend and might as well have been an eternity. Time moves on and with it life seems to move faster.... Continue Reading →

LCC Financial Reporting

When we talk about "Lutheran Church Canada" or any related organizations that fly under the LCC umbrella, one typically thinks of a church endeavoring to advance the work of the faith. The reality is that LCC the Synod, the old Districts, both Seminaries, and every individual church actually has two aspects to its operation - the... Continue Reading →

The Disappearing 2017 Convention Videos – Found!

In "The Disappearing 2017 Convention Videos" I wrote about how the upgraded website lost the links to the 2017 Synod convention videos. It turns out the 2017 convention web page is still around complete with links to the various youtube videos. For those who'd like the direct link the page is at synod2017.lutheranchurch.ca. Hopefully the Canadian Lutheran's convention... Continue Reading →

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