CEF/DIL: Sage Creates Website for Trading Sage / Prince of Peace Shares

One recurring theme during the whole CEF / DIL debacle was the need to get money to people who needed it for things like their day-to-day living expenses, funding for their church, or to retire. Today we're one step closer to connecting people who need their funds sooner rather than later with buyers that can... Continue Reading →

The ABC District’s Imbalanced 2018 Budget

The ABC District's "Annual Fall Mailing" includes this entry that a CEF Forum member pointed out to me: Mission and Ministry 2018 Work Program - An explanation of the 2018 proposed ABC District Mission and Ministry Work Program identifies sources of income and how the congregational mission remittances may be spent in support of the mission and ministry... Continue Reading →

Do You Suppose They Knew?

Concordia Lutheran Seminary recently posted the following FB ad: I wonder if they knew about Pr Johannes Nieminen's recent post? Do you think they'd have posted this ad if they did know? Inquiring minds want to know!

A Matter of Transition

Looking at the "Act and Bylaws" that the the CCMS spent so much time and effort on and that the BOD decided to circular file, I found this little gem: 15.1 Repeal, Replacement, and Amendments of Constitution and Bylaws 1. Repeal and Replacement of Bylaws The Statutory and Synodical Bylaws made under the Constitution of... Continue Reading →

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