I’m Under Grace, Not Law

This is what happens when you adopt an antinomian(1) doctrine and believe that grace in the right-hand kingdom of heaven excuses you from following the laws of the land laid down by the earthly authorities in the left-hand kingdom on earth. (1) Antinomianism is the belief that Christians are by faith free from all laws... Continue Reading →

Fun Friday: Jan 25, 2019

Looks like I missed this week's "Fun Friday" and got called on it ūüôā so here you go: On a more serious note, my¬†personal observation is that it's more the adults that think the youth want "excitement". I think what young people are looking for is¬†authenticity - namely that what the older folks practice aligns... Continue Reading →

CEF vs ASC: No News is Good News?

Jan 21, 2019 has come and (nearly) gone - and no official word from the ASC pertaining to the matter about the application to stay this proceeding until the representative action has concluded. However, the ASC's "Proceedings, Decisions, and Orders" page for this proceeding is still there, the May 2019 hearing dates are still in... Continue Reading →

CEF: Meet ASC Counsel Janet McCready

Janet is the ASC's staff counsel responsible for the ASC's proceeding against various people involved in the the ABC CEF debacle. The following text is from her public page on the ASC website. Janet's position against fraudsters that refuse to take responsibility for their actions is a refreshing change from LCC's "ignore it and it'll... Continue Reading →

Shepherd’s Village Ministries Ltd update Jan 19, 2019

One of the speculative real estate ventures ABC CEF engaged in was "Shepherd's Village Ministries" (SVM) (1) which, according to the KPMG Report: SVM's primary purpose was to build housing accommodations for mature adults, senior citizens, or the elderly. SVM built a seniors independent living facility in Valleyview, AB with that objective and the concept... Continue Reading →

Fun Friday: Jan 18, 2019

A Lutheran Pastor was teaching his confirmation class about the sacraments of the church when he noticed that little Johnny was not paying attention in the back. He decided he would call the boy out in order to get him to start paying attention. "Little Johnny," he cried. Little Johnny looked up. "Pay attention, the... Continue Reading →

Inspirational Friday: Jan 11, 2019


CEF/DIL: ASC Application Hearing Update

Counsel for the prosecution and the defense have made their case. As I expected, counsel for the defense want to delay the proceedings until the representative action has concluded, or have the proceedings sealed so they cannot be used against them when the representative action commences. Considering that the AB real-estate market is somewhere between... Continue Reading →

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