The Lutheran Historical Institute Is Leaving LCC

Despite being offered to the LCC and having membership encouraging it to keep the archive, the Synodical BOD has decided the Lutheran Historical Institute’s materials will no longer be curated by any element of the Lutheran Church-Canada. Instead LHI’s collection will be given to a secular archive for preservation and future research.

From the ABC District Annual Fall Mailing

Lutheran Historical Institute –  Lutheran Church – Canada Board of Directors made a decision in June to transfer the Lutheran Historical institute holdings to the Provincial Archives of Alberta (PAA).  PAA is now working on making those records accessible for congregations, schools and individuals.  More information on the provincial archives can be found on their website.  All inquiries regarding archived materials should be directed to PAA:  8555 Roper Road, Edmonton, AB T6E 5W1 Phone: 780-427-1750.  Please also contact them about any items that you would like to add to your archived materials.  

You can read more about LHI on SolaGratia and Canadian Lutheran.

I haven’t been able to find a reference to the Synod BOD meeting mentioned in this post – if you have this information please let me know.

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