CEF/DIL: The Wheels of Justice Grind Slowly

It's said that the wheels of justice turn slowly because of how fine they grind. This is a good thing because a just system needs to correctly discern the good from evil so it can protect the good while holding the evil to account. Almost eight months ago in Sept 2019 the ASC settled with... Continue Reading →

CEF: Deloitte Notice to Depositors Apr 1, 2020

The CCAA Monitor website for the Lutheran Ch​urch - Canada,  the Alberta - British Columbia District et. al.​​​​​​​​​ bankruptcy has been updated with the following entry: 8. Notice to CEF depositors re final distribution, dated April 1, 2020 Long story short - The scheduled Apr 22, 2020 court appearance to get approval for the final distribution... Continue Reading →

Fun Friday: Apr 3, 2020

From The Babylon Bee Congregation Gently Informs Pastor The Babylon Bee Is Satire WILLOW FALLS, NY—Pastor Chuck Nielsen of Foundations Church prides himself on his powerful, moving sermons. But congregants began to grow concerned when Nielsen referenced articles from popular satire site The Babylon Bee in nearly every message. "At first, we thought he was playing... Continue Reading →

CEF: Sage Properties Shareholder Newsletter Mar 26, 2020

The following post from the Sage Properties communications page indicates that the Board's is understandably prioritizing the care and protection of the facility's patients and staff. Work on selling the property is still continuing, albeit at a slower pace. March 26, 2020 Dear Shareholder, Sage Properties Corp. (“Sage”) and the Sage Board of Directors (“Board”),... Continue Reading →

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