LCC’s Ecclesiastical Supervision Budget and Restructuring

When times get tight for an organization one of the first orders of business is to go through the budget with a fine-tooth comb to find out what's absolutely required, what's important but can wait a bit, what can be put off 'till later, what are frills that needs to go, and sometimes "why on... Continue Reading →


Staying in Touch

Among the various tools I have at my disposal is a bit of analytics on the number of visits the blog gets, how people get here, counts on each article that's read, and the like. One recent development I've noticed is people using various search engines to find this blog after I've posted an article. For... Continue Reading →

Restructuring: Emergency Stop

When executing a restructuring of the size and scope as LCC's there are lots of moving parts that have to be kept in alignment in order to ensure a smooth transition that maintains an uninterrupted provision of services. What happens, though, when the as written documents don't support that goal and in fact prevent the... Continue Reading →

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