Shepherds Village Ministries – Winding Up Order May 16, 2022

Every CCAA liquidation has a process - an application is made to the courts, the courts appoint a liquidator to be the courts eyes and ears, the liquidator works under the courts to sell assets, restructure the company, and possibly create a new company from the remains of the old company. When the liquidator's job... Continue Reading →

Decorated Canadian Veteran And Pastor: Trudeau Has Declared War On His Own People

Jeremiah 12:5 talks about how people that aren't up to a simple difficulties will be in trouble when real challenges come. LCC should've caught the ABC District CEF / DIL's fiasco before it metasticized and dealt with the inevitable result when it became public. It didn't, and as a consequence people who've been Lutherans for... Continue Reading →

General Update – Feb 9, 2022

On Jan 5, 2015 DP Schiemann misled the public by declaring a “sufficient cash flow shortage” as opposed to "we took your money, put it in some speculative real estate / business ventures, told everyone their money was safe, and then we ran out of depositor funds." Today my webpage monitoring software "bing"ed to let... Continue Reading →

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