LCC 2022 Convention Streaming on YouTube – June 12, 2022

The LCC Convention is ongoing with their live-stream on their YT channel here. Session 5 is in progress now.

I’m live-tweeting here and simul-posting to FB here.

2 thoughts on “LCC 2022 Convention Streaming on YouTube – June 12, 2022

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  1. From the minutes of Session 7, it appears that RESOLUTION 22.1.13a, TO ADOPT THE PROPOSED 2022 LCC HANDBOOK was presented, then the question was called and the resolution adopted without any discussion. Were the various changes to the Handbook discussed in earlier sessions?


    1. Yes – it was discussed in an earlier session and then the ran out of time before the motion could be voted on. My read is that some people had a conversation after that first round, clarified that the changes were supposed to be re-ordering things, and accepted the changes on that basis. Hence not much discussion the second time it came up.


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