DIL Representative Action Update – Feb 25, 2022

The DIL representative action is being managed by Sugden, McFee, and Roos who are handling who has updated the webpage for the action. The December 8, 2021 update's been removed, and a February 25, 2022 update has been added. Following is a copy-and-paste of the Feb 25 update. Update: February 25, 2022 As per the Approval... Continue Reading →

Decorated Canadian Veteran And Pastor: Trudeau Has Declared War On His Own People

Jeremiah 12:5 talks about how people that aren't up to a simple difficulties will be in trouble when real challenges come. LCC should've caught the ABC District CEF / DIL's fiasco before it metasticized and dealt with the inevitable result when it became public. It didn't, and as a consequence people who've been Lutherans for... Continue Reading →

General Update – Feb 9, 2022

On Jan 5, 2015 DP Schiemann misled the public by declaring a “sufficient cash flow shortage” as opposed to "we took your money, put it in some speculative real estate / business ventures, told everyone their money was safe, and then we ran out of depositor funds." Today my webpage monitoring software "bing"ed to let... Continue Reading →

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