Decorated Canadian Veteran And Pastor: Trudeau Has Declared War On His Own People

Jeremiah 12:5 talks about how people that aren’t up to a simple difficulties will be in trouble when real challenges come. LCC should’ve caught the ABC District CEF / DIL’s fiasco before it metasticized and dealt with the inevitable result when it became public. It didn’t, and as a consequence people who’ve been Lutherans for generations have been driven from the church while others have been traumatized by the very institution they should be able to implicitly trust. All this while two pastors that’ve confessed to financial misconduct and barred from any position of responsibility involving investments remain “members in good standing” with Synod contrary to the standard of 1 Corinthians 4:2.

Now we as a Canadian people are facing an existential threat in the form of the imposition of authoritarian powers under the guise of the “Emergencies Act.” Anyone thinks this stops with the arrest of some truckers and the freezing of some bank accounts is deluded – authoritarians don’t go to this extent to get power only to put it down again in short order. The church had a chance to stand up and be counted in the left hand kingdom during CEF/DIL, and again during the pandemic, and now it’ll face unavoidable challenges in the darkness that’s coming.

Some people “get” what’s going on in Canada, and Chaplin Harold Ristau is representing people of faith in a recent interview with The Federalist. I encourage you to read The Federalist’s article and I’ve included some quotes from the article below. I commend Chaplin Ristau for his courageous stand and I pray that others follow in his footsteps.

‘My parents escaped from Germany under the Nazis and Communists. I’ve seen real terrorism. Our freedoms are at stake here,’ military chaplain and decorated veteran Harold Ristau told The Federalist.

The father of five children ages 19 and younger says being treated as a domestic terrorist for peacefully petitioning his government to stop violating both Canadian laws and his Christian beliefs says he’s been more frightened by Trudeau suspending civil liberties over a peaceful protest than almost anything else in his 50 years of life.

It’s not just about my rights but it’s also about being able to spread the gospel and to be human, to be the person God has made me to be.”

Ristau considers objecting to Covid impositions not only his civic duty, but also “as standing for the sake of Christ. As a Christian, I am interested in ensuring that our freedom of speech is ensured, that the preaching of the gospel is not muzzled.”

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  1. It’s no longer just ‘Fidel Castro, Jr.’ Trudeau taking Canada down into the abyss of a totalitarian state. Yesterday’s National Post news article reported:

    “The House of Commons on Monday night approved the extraordinary and temporary measures in the Emergencies Act, heeding Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s warning that the “state of emergency is not over,” even though police ended a three-week occupation in Ottawa and reopened border points to the U.S.”

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    1. It still has to get past the Senate – though most of them were appointed by the current administration so there’s not much hope there.

      The one positive is that the Emergencies Act has a lot of ways to limit and/or terminate it, and the gov’ts actions are subject to later review by the judicial system. There’s also a number of lawsuits pending to terminate the EA on the grounds that the circumstances it can be used haven’t been met.

      We’ll see what the justice system does.


    1. I saw some comments from the US “Why didn’t we think of this first?” Americans need to get off their butt and start being the way they used to be.


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