This site can’t be reached

Recently I read a note from SP Teuscher to the Synod members that looked like grist for the mill for this blog, so I went to the Canadian Lutheran website to see if  I could find the article in order to link to it. This is what I saw:  Naturally I then tried the Lutheran... Continue Reading →

Canadian Fund Fraud Alert

CANADA – Rev. Simon Bar Sinister, Vice President of Lutheran Church in Canada, is warning Canadian churches and charities to be on the lookout for an affinity fraud scam. In the scam, a purported representative of a church extension fund solicits other members of the church asking them to trust them with their life savings under... Continue Reading →

The Gift of Children at Worship

This past weekend I attended the 2019 Issues Etc "Making the Case" conference which featured a range of speakers making the case for a variety of topics including the Lord's Supper, to Pro-Life advocacy, the natural family, and an old-fashioned hymn sing. Something I noticed as each speaker made their presentation was the abundance of... Continue Reading →

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