ABC District Publishes 2018 Convention Proceedings

The ABC District has updated their District Convention web page with the convention proceedings document. Included in the update is a historical overview of District's history. The video acknowledges some of the damage that was done by CEF/DIL, sadly it also repeats the "funding shortfall" line it asserted back in Jan 2015 and has been repeating ever... Continue Reading →

ABC District 2018 Convention Update #4

(insert drum roll here....) And the West Regional Pastor is....

ABC District May 2015 Handbook

Earlier I posted a link to the 2012 version of the ABC District Handbook - it turns out there's a 2015 version that I was not aware of and did not have a copy of. You can get it directly from the ABC District Website here or you can get a copy from my backup archives here.

A Message to all ABC District Convention Delegates

From Pr Micheal Schutz : There has been much concern expressed over the potential implications of the new bylaws that have been proposed in Part II of the workbook (link: by the ABC District Board of Directors to be adopted at this weekend's District convention. I've been encouraging all delegates to go through things, seek answers,... Continue Reading →

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