Sage Update – Sept 2, 2022

Some mixed news from Sage's mailing list. I haven't seen it on their website yet so I'm quoting it in its entirety here. ANO September 2, 2022 Dear Shareholder, Please see the below update from the management and the board of Sage Properties Corp. (“Sage”): A. Waterline Update The Conrich Waterline to the Prince of... Continue Reading →

LCC 2022 Convention: Commission on Adjudication Hasn’t Met Since 2017 Convention

Reading the convention workbook has turned up some interesting tidbits - but I never anticipated finding this report. "Due to an oversight as a result of the restructuring of our Synod at the last convention, current provisions in the 2017 Handbook for the number of memebers on the Commission on Adjudication do not meet the... Continue Reading →

CEF/DIL: Refuting the Unofficial Party Line

When the whole ABC District debacle debuted in Jan 2105, depositors that'd trusted the Lutheran Church with their funds were treated rather shabbily - good information wasn't forthcoming, District officials misrepresented what had actually happened, District struck a Task Force to investigate what happened and when the task force issued its first report, disbanded the... Continue Reading →

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