This site can’t be reached

Recently I read a note from SP Teuscher to the Synod members that looked like grist for the mill for this blog, so I went to the Canadian Lutheran website to see if  I could find the article in order to link to it. This is what I saw:  Naturally I then tried the Lutheran... Continue Reading →

The Gift of Children at Worship

This past weekend I attended the 2019 Issues Etc "Making the Case" conference which featured a range of speakers making the case for a variety of topics including the Lord's Supper, to Pro-Life advocacy, the natural family, and an old-fashioned hymn sing. Something I noticed as each speaker made their presentation was the abundance of... Continue Reading →

LCC Central District Convention Logo

While I spend a lot of time pontificating about disagreements with how Synod et al are behaving, every once in a while I see something unique, innovative, and that...well...just works. And then I get to write about it, which is even better! I'd like to thank whoever God inspired to design the LCC Central District... Continue Reading →

LCC Gets A New Communications Director

With the resignation of Mathew Block as LCC's Communications Director, LCC's been looking for someone to take the position for some time.  While there hasn't been a formal announcement in any official publication yet, a guy by the name of Chris Pelletier has made an appearance in the CEF Investors Forum to let us know he's... Continue Reading →

What You Can Do To Help

Dear readers - If there is one passage that sums up why I do this blog, it'd be this: Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied. Matthew 5:6 LCC has been waging a "war of silence" if not an active dis-information campaign on its membership in an apparent attempt to whitewash... Continue Reading →

Concordia Publishing House, Google AdWords, and “The Rest of the Story”

In a prior article I posted a notice about CPH being banned from Google Adwords "retargeting" platform. CPH has since posted a news release on the issue and concluded with the following statement: CPH President and CEO Dr. Bruce G. Kintz stated, “Clearly, CPH does not agree with Google’s decision in this matter. If we are willing... Continue Reading →

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