ABC District CCAA Proceedings Update 2020-08-21 Update

In my prior article ABC District CCAA Proceedings Update 2020-08-21 I missed a paragraph of the supplimental report where the date of the final distribution was changed to Oct 31, 2020 due to personnel availability. 90 days after Oct 31, 2020 is Jan 31, 2021 – which is 6 years and two weeks after DP Schiemann originally announced CEF had a “lack of sufficient funds”.

I thank the reader that caught this omission and regret any confusion this may’ve caused.

Update 2020-08-26: Ooops -got another date wrong – it’s Jan 31, 2021, not Jan 31, 2020.

2 thoughts on “ABC District CCAA Proceedings Update 2020-08-21 Update

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  1. Should read “January 31, 2021” Who else but ANO would take all the tine and effort to keep us so well informed when we hear nothing from anyone else. Thank you..thank you.. We look forward to the final distribution and the end to all the proceedings.

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