Sola Gratia Casts a Critical Eye at ABC District and the ASC Allegations

Andreas @ Sola Gratia’s been tracking the ABC affair for quite some time – spending untold hours talking to people, writing articles about what he’s learned, and doing his best to inform the church what’s going on. In his latest article Andreas recounts the nuts and bolts of the ASC allegations that the District BOD asked us to “cast a critical eye” on.


The Board of Directors of ABC District has directed its people to use a critical eye when perusing the documents alleging wrongdoing by District leaders and the institution itself. It’s good advice. Let’s do that.

The District appears concerned that the people of ABC District will unfairly judge the actions of its leadership. We can now group the current board and its letter into the great dumpster fire that is ABC District.

What follows are statements lifted out of the Alberta Securities Commission notice of hearing.

Let’s see what the Alberta Securities Commission has said to District, and the people of Alberta on the whole – this is the public record after all.

The balance of the article summarizes the meat of the ASC filing along with some Andreas’s observations. Where the ABC District Board should be concerned is that most of the allegations are supported by historical fact “at this point in time these people did that action.”  Not only that  – when measured against their own policies – the CEF administration definitely colored outside the lines.

It’s a good read – if you have a strong stomach.

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