LCC Restructuring: Amended Constitution Passed

From the Canadian Lutheran:

WINNIPEG – Congregations of Lutheran Church–Canada (LCC) have voted to approve Synod’s amended constitution by a large margin. Of the 300 congregations eligible to vote, 222 sent in ballots with 206 voting for adoption, 12 voting against the changes, one abstention, and three late ballots. Secretary of Synod, Grace Henderson announced the results today noting that to pass, the vote required a 2/3 majority of ballots received.

To plan for the possible positive vote by congregations, the Board of Directors’ Restructuring Working Group met April 10 by conference call to prioritize the actions required to implement the changes if approved. The group members include Pastor Nolan Astley (chair); President Timothy Teuscher; Interim LCC Administrator Dwayne Cleave; and appointees from LCC’s three districts: Pastors David Bode and Mark Hennig (ABC); Lillian Kozussek and Jordan Wall (Central); and Pastor Marvin Bublitz and Lois Griffin (East). “We’re tasked with assisting the Board of Directors by answering a number of ‘how’ questions now that we have the ‘what’ in place,” noted Pastor Astley. Decisions made by the Working Group will go to the BOD for approval and implementation.

One of the first items on the list for discussion was the process for electing lay persons to the new Regional Mission and Ministry Councils. The group has made a recommendation to the BOD for its consideration at its April 26 conference call meeting. Other areas for further discussion and recommendations are budget and finance, communication, and the continuance nationally of various current district supports and programs. Pastor Astley reminded the Working Group that many of the current procedures remain in place but will require adjustment in wording to bring them into line with the new structure.

To keep Synod members up to date on the implementation decisions of the Board of Directors and provide answers to Frequently Asked Questions a website is available HERE.

“We’re trying to bring about these changes in an orderly fashion,” explained President Teuscher. “The important thing for all of us to remember is to keep focused on Christ and His Church as we work together in mission and ministry.”


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