Lehmann On Bugbee’s Performance

One of the advantages of becoming old and full of days is that the accolades of man don’t matter any more and you can speak your mind with impunity. And when as past-president of LCC you’re asked to speak at a convention chaired by your replacement whose performance is just begging for public comment….let’s just say he didn’t seem impressed in the least.

The clip to watch is Session 3 of the 2017 LCC Synod in Convention as found on the Canadian Lutheran. President Emeritus Lehmann’s comments start at 15:30 and his “just joking” comments about President Bugbee’s performance start at the 18:00 mark. He then concludes with some words of encouragement for the Convention attendees to consider as they face the issues before them.

Update 2017-12-08: I’ve copied the clip to a stand-alone recording – you can get it here.


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