The Gift of Children at Worship

This past weekend I attended the 2019 Issues Etc "Making the Case" conference which featured a range of speakers making the case for a variety of topics including the Lord's Supper, to Pro-Life advocacy, the natural family, and an old-fashioned hymn sing. Something I noticed as each speaker made their presentation was the abundance of... Continue Reading →

Fun Friday: Oct 5, 2018

Hundreds Hospitalized After New Hymn Introduced in Church September 15, 2018 - by Johannes Bugenhagen - Leave a Comment Huron, SD – Hundreds were hospitalized and scores more traumatized for life in the wake of a disastrous hymn roll-out this past Sunday.   Read the rest of the story here.  🙂

Inspirational Friday – Aug 3, 2018

For today's "Inspirational Friday" I present a presentation by Rev. Jeffrey Hemmer entitled "Rise of Effeminacy & CoWo." In this presentation Rev Hemmer talks about how the church has become more "effeminate" particularly in the realm of praise songs commonly found in contemporary worship. This 36 min presentation is worth the listen. The "Praise Song... Continue Reading →

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