Freedom Convoy 2022 – Chaplin Ristau Interview

The Freedom Convoy was started because a bunch of truckers wanted to protest vaccine mandates the Canadian Government had imposed cross-border drivers. In essence, if a driver didn't have the vaccine they couldn't make a living as a cross-border driver. When the government handed down this mandate, a number of people started fund-raising efforts in... Continue Reading →

General Update – Feb 9, 2022

On Jan 5, 2015 DP Schiemann misled the public by declaring a “sufficient cash flow shortage” as opposed to "we took your money, put it in some speculative real estate / business ventures, told everyone their money was safe, and then we ran out of depositor funds." Today my webpage monitoring software "bing"ed to let... Continue Reading →

Fun Friday: Apr 3, 2020

From The Babylon Bee Congregation Gently Informs Pastor The Babylon Bee Is Satire WILLOW FALLS, NY—Pastor Chuck Nielsen of Foundations Church prides himself on his powerful, moving sermons. But congregants began to grow concerned when Nielsen referenced articles from popular satire site The Babylon Bee in nearly every message. "At first, we thought he was playing... Continue Reading →

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