Fun Friday: Oct 18, 2019


Inspiration Friday: Oct 11, 2019

Let this be a lesson - don't link to external's the replacement for today's scheduled post.

Since the scheduled post for today had technical errors, I've replaced it with this more time-appropriate one. 🙂

The Babylon Bee Channels Martin Luther

The Babylon Bee is a Christian satire site that makes humorous commentary about matters of religion and current events. Some of their satirical comments are so plausible that Snopes will fact-check them. Recently the Bee crossed Martin Luther with Amazon Echo - and this is the result. 🙂

Diane Langberg Quote of the Day – Sept 12, 2019 To put it another way - this is another illustration of the principle of the two kingdoms. When it comes to ministering to a traumatized soul, there's a time and place for clergy with Word and Sacrament, and a time and place for a trained mental health professional. Together the two working together can... Continue Reading →

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