Finding the Current ABC District Handbook

Given that the second ABC District Convention workbook proposes some pretty significant changes to District's handbook - and - that the current handbook seems to've vanished from public access (meaning I couldn't find it on any LCC-related websites) I offer a link to this copy I picked up along the way and stored in a... Continue Reading →


2018 ABC District Convention Workbook II Raises Concerns

In writing this blog my intent is to be factual as possible and provide important information for the membership that they may not have the time or inclination to track on their own. Part and parcel keeping things factual is that I only use publicly sourced information or information from sources which I believe have... Continue Reading →

LCC Commission on Nominations and Elections: Nominations from the Floor

Synod is continuing its march towards a restructured future with elections to the various Synodical positions taking place at the three Districts (1). Following the results of the restructuring vote at the 2017 convention, on March 14, 2018 the Commission on Nominations and Elections (CNE) sent out a call for nominations with a submission deadline of... Continue Reading →

Notable Quotes from Diane Langberg, PhD

Diane Langberg, PhD is a Christian psychologist working in the Christian community in cases of sexual abuse, PTSD, and psychological trauma. From her "About" page: Somewhere along the way God added pastors and leaders to my work as a Christian psychologist.Christian leaders burnt out, chewed up and tossed aside. I was tending to victims and... Continue Reading →

A Matter of Transition

Looking at the "Act and Bylaws" that the the CCMS spent so much time and effort on and that the BOD decided to circular file, I found this little gem: 15.1 Repeal, Replacement, and Amendments of Constitution and Bylaws 1. Repeal and Replacement of Bylaws The Statutory and Synodical Bylaws made under the Constitution of... Continue Reading →

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