CEF/DIL: Reviewing the District’s Letter with a Critical Eye / Part 1

When legal proceedings take place there's a number of players involved in the room - the judge or panel, counsel for the respondents (the people charged with an offence), the prosecution, and the ever-present court reporter that transcribes everything that happens into a permanent record. For the ASC hearing  that took place on Aug 13,... Continue Reading →

We Were Rachael’s Church

Not too long ago I wrote about the testimony of Rachael Denhollander and how she laid down both law and gospel to Larry Nassar after he was convicted of sexually abusing hundreds of gymnasts under the guise of medical treatment.  Her testimony was as powerful as it was clear and left no doubt about the... Continue Reading →

CEF: Higgerty Law Statement of Claim Section D – The ABC Church Extension Fund

This article is a follow-up to "CEF: Higgerty Law Statement of Claim Regarding the Prince of Peace Congregation and School Loan" and details how CEF was supposed to work, who the administrators and directors were, the state of CEF's portfolio as of the early 1990s. For me, the closing paragraph of this section details is the most... Continue Reading →

Diane Langberg Quote of the Day

Diane Langberg is a PhD psychologist for trauma survivors & clergy as well as being an international speaker and consultant. She regularly posts short tidbids to her twitter feed and on Apr 5, 2018 she posted the following tweet: Deception and great evil easily lie below the surface of high position, great theological knowledge, stunning verbal... Continue Reading →

“I Never Knew You”

The parable of the ten virgins used to puzzle me. While the tale is a straightforward story about the potential consequences of letting your guard down and going "off task" for even a little while, the ending, however, didn't quite seem to fit in with the rest of the narriative. Here is the parable in... Continue Reading →

Jesus Had Two Dads….?

In an earlier set of articles (first, second) I wrote about how a poor choice of wording can lead to challenges in clearly communicating a message. In this article I'm going to discuss another incident - this time involving Jesus's paternal parentage. To set the table - we know from Scripture that Christ was begotten of... Continue Reading →

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