CEF/DIL: Monitor’s 34th Report Posted

The Monitor has posted it's 34th report here. This report provides an introductory history to date, a DIL distribution, the final amount returned to the DIL investors, resolution of the Prince of Peace Church and School loans, the sale of the parsonage lot, and some financial reporting. Once the parsonage lot is sold, the ECHS... Continue Reading →

ASC Finds Fraud

One of the burdens a company takes on when it accepts money from the public is to use the money for the projects it's soliciting the funds for. If the charter is to build schools, then the funds can't be used to build churches. If the charter is to engage in low-risk investments, that rules... Continue Reading →

CEF’s “Field of Dreams”

This article is in response to "Marcy B"'s comment on Resolution 17.03.06 to Decline to Talk About CEF as I'd like to discuss some of the points she made. Marcy wrote: He fell into the mega church pipe dream. ‘We should have a cradle to grave mission here.’ From a governance perspective the first question in response should've... Continue Reading →

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