Restructuring: You Can’t Do That!

December 14, 2017 Canadian Lutheran posted an article pertaining to the Synodical Constitution. In this article I'll discuss the following documents that were posted to the website: An Executive Summary on Constitutional Amendment Ratification A detailed letter to congregations explaining the changes The final draft of the Synodical Constitution as amended A Comparison Document showing... Continue Reading →

A Discussion of Stahlke’s 95 Thesis – Part 4 / Conclusion

This article continues the discussion of Dr Stahlke’s 95 Thesis. An introduction and overview of the series is here. The overall division of these posts are: The Establishment of Authority (Part 2) LCC and its Operation (Part 2) A Sudden Change in Course (Part 3) The Working Group Proposal vs the Articles and Bylaws (Part 3) Questions, Questions,... Continue Reading →

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