LCC Central District Plans for Restructuring

As the restructuring process continues to work through all of LCC's Districts, each District has to answer the question of how to move forward - do they continue on? Do they wind things up? Is there a different option to pursue? And what do they plan to do about the situation Synod's put them in where... Continue Reading →


Quote of the Day: Wade Mullen On Abusive Organizations

This tweet is for anyone that's tried to hold an errant organization to account. The reason this tactic works is because people are nice folks that want to work things out and inquiries of "can we discuss this?"  are usually met with "Of course! What's on your mind?" Ideally after a discussion of reasonable... Continue Reading →

CEF: Higgerty Law Statement of Claim Section F – Transfer of the POP Village Lands to Encharis

This article is part of the series from the Higgerty Law statement of claim. You can read what a statement of claim and a Quistclose Trust is in the first article in this series. This portion of the statement alleges that ABC District created ECHS (Encharis Community Housing and Services) and EMSS (Encharis Management Support and... Continue Reading →

CEF: Higgerty Law Statement of Claim Section G – The Prince of Peace Congregation and School Loan

Higgerty Law is representing the CEF depositors in their Representative Action and as part of their action they've made statement of claim against the various defendants in their legal action. Duhaime's Law Dictionary defines a statement of claim as: A written statement of the initiating litigant, called a plaintiff, in which he/she must state their case: the facts... Continue Reading →

CEF: Another Shoe Drops

There's a phrase about "Waiting for the shoe to drop". This expression comes from the experiences of residents of apartment buildings in various large cities where the bedrooms were in a vertical stack one on top of the other. When someone dropped their shoe on the floor, that created an expectation that there was another... Continue Reading →

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