Sage Shareholder Newsletter – Feb 2021

Sage has issued a new newsletter dated Feb 12, 2021. You can read the original here - following is my summary. Share Redemption - 587 shareholders asked to redeem ~$13M worth of shares which is way in excess of the $5.6M of available cash. The newsletter outlines the distribution of the share redemptions they were... Continue Reading →

ASC Hearing Ruling: Balance of Convenience

In the ASC hearing one point of discussion was what was termed a "Balance of Convenience".  The Encyclopedia of Canadian Law defines this term so: Balance of Convenience meaning or description: a common law test; a court applying this test will balance the prejudice to one party of denying the relief asked for, against the prejudice to the... Continue Reading →

CEF/DIL: ASC Application Hearing Update

Counsel for the prosecution and the defense have made their case. As I expected, counsel for the defense want to delay the proceedings until the representative action has concluded, or have the proceedings sealed so they cannot be used against them when the representative action commences. Considering that the AB real-estate market is somewhere between... Continue Reading →

ABC District 2018 Convention Update #4

(insert drum roll here....) And the West Regional Pastor is....

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