Nonprofits In Denial

Excerpted from an article on Nonprofits, like other organizations, often follow a commonly held view about the best way to handle an attack: If you ignore it, the public will forget and move on. The media thrive on controversy, so don’t discuss it and don’t highlight it in any way and journalists will move... Continue Reading →

CEF/DIL: Monitor Update 2018-04-03 – Sorting Out the Utilities Questions

It seems that the 2 documents posted yesterday was the trickle before the flood. Today no-less than 14 documents made their appearance. Overall these documents are various filings being made by Sage properties with regards to the utilities they share with their neighbors. Specifically, this is about: Resolving who will own and operate the utilities Establishing... Continue Reading →

Lawsuits Among Believers and the LCMS Hosanna-Tabor Decision Part 1

In "CEF/DIL: Lawsuits Among Believers" I discussed the way the Lutheran-Church Canada has responded to the CEF offence in general and how some people are trying to use  1 Corinthians 6:1-8 to silence aggrieved parties from seeking redress without lifting a finger to provide a mechanism to resolve those disputes and so see that justice and righteousness is... Continue Reading →

Restructuring: It All Makes Sense Now

In the course of my life I've learned that if you have a question and are willing to wait long enough, the answers generally present themselves in time. One such question I had was why Synod and the Districts were treating restructuring as an immediate urgency. Why was Synod's and Districts' first response "restructuring" after... Continue Reading →

Got Soup?

It's always nice to publish good news, and this is something every like not-for-profit LCC church will like - TechSoup Canada operates a "Technology Donation Program" What is a Technology Donation Program? Glad you asked - from the "how it works" page: Intro to the Technology Donations Program We help Canadian nonprofits, charities and libraries achieve... Continue Reading →

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