ABC District 2018 Convention Update #3

It has also been reported that convention allowed the Board to not get its books audited with the purported reason being "the Monitor won't allow it" due to the CCAA proceeding. First - I would want to hear that directly from the Monitor and preferably in writing so I would have someone to sue if the gov't... Continue Reading →


ABC District 2018 Convention Update #2

Update 2018-10-21: I wrote this article on the basis of what I believed was a report by an convention attendee. I have since gotten confirmation that what I alleged happened - namely the separation of delegates by clergy and lay status during the convention - did not happen. That means that I accused President Schaeffer... Continue Reading →

A Message to all ABC District Convention Delegates

From Pr Micheal Schutz : There has been much concern expressed over the potential implications of the new bylaws that have been proposed in Part II of the workbook (link: by the ABC District Board of Directors to be adopted at this weekend's District convention. I've been encouraging all delegates to go through things, seek answers,... Continue Reading →

LCC Issues a Statement to Members

Synod has just issued a statement on membership in Synod and the three soon-to-be-obsolete Districts. You can find the original statement in the "latest additions" section of the LCC website, this page of the main LCC website, or you can read the verbatim copy I've included below. I would note that while Synod is making a... Continue Reading →

CEF/DIL: A Prayer

From the CEF Depositors Forum: "Heavenly Father, when one part of the body suffers, the whole body suffers with it.  Father, we pray for & with our LWML sisters in the Alberta - British Columbia District, many of whose retirement life savings & LWML Society deposits have been devastated & lost by the collapse of... Continue Reading →

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