CEF: The Number You Have Called Is Not In Service

Back in September 28, 2019 I posted an article "CEF: Update from Deloitte" which posited that the Tuscany property had been sold, a distribution was waiting for court approval, with the expectation the distribution would be out the door sometime in Nov 2019. Fast forward to Jan 2020. The Deloitte insolvency website hasn't been updated with... Continue Reading →

LCC’s Six-Month Financial Situation

LCC recently posted a six-month report of their financial situation along with a bulletin insert which details Synod's work together with the six-month financial report. The following table has Synod's financial numbers for the first six months along with some questions that came to me as I was writing this up. Be warned, it's not... Continue Reading →

CEF: Update from Deloitte

Recently "Repicheep" on the CEF Investor's Forum asked Deloitte where things were given that the parsonage lot and the Tuscany properties since both been sold and the funds were still waiting to be distributed. Joseph Sithole at Deloitte responded as follows: The Alberta securities commission settlement is the reason why the final distribution has been delayed.... Continue Reading →

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