DIL: A Summary of the Representative Action

As part of the Representative Action counsel for the DIL Subcommittee has drawn up a Notice of Civil Claim that it's filed in the BC Supreme Court. A Statement of Claim has also been filed with the AB court - as far as I can tell it is largely identical to the BC Notice of... Continue Reading →

And That’s a Wrap!

The 2017 LCC Convention is over, and I'm sorting out what I think about it.  Andreas's blog about the convention's refusal to even talk about CEF mirrors my own thoughts on the matter. I also think once it gets out that the congregations won't get a confirming vote on restructuring they won't be as easily persuaded as... Continue Reading →

LCC Restructuring Webinar Summary

The following text is a summary of the Restructuring Webinars held by LCC Synod on Thursday, Sept 28, 2017. From the Canadian Lutheran: The audio is a composite from both webinars, and has been condensed to focus on the presentation made by LCC First Vice President Nolan Astley. It also includes introductory remarks by Rev. William... Continue Reading →

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