2019 National Youth Gathering Video Channels “Who’s On First”

One of the things that makes effective communications a challenge is the nature of how information is formulated, expressed, received and interpreted. The process of mentally formulating a concept, expressing it to an audience, how audience the receives the information and interprets it according to their individual perspective is a trail littered with landmines of... Continue Reading →

Staying in Touch

Among the various tools I have at my disposal is a bit of analytics on the number of visits the blog gets, how people get here, counts on each article that's read, and the like. One recent development I've noticed is people using various search engines to find this blog after I've posted an article. For... Continue Reading →

Do You Suppose They Knew?

Concordia Lutheran Seminary recently posted the following FB ad: I wonder if they knew about Pr Johannes Nieminen's recent post? Do you think they'd have posted this ad if they did know? Inquiring minds want to know!

Convention Recordings for Everyone

The Canadian Lutheran published the convention proceedings and made them available here which is great step forward in terms of LCC being transparent with its membership. Update 2017-11-08: The livestream event was deleted and the official recordings are no longer available. The copies I downloaded, converted, and stored will remain available.  But what if you don't have... Continue Reading →

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