CEF/DIL – Will There Yet Be Consequences?

I've written many articles about the lack of action by the various Synodical officials even in the face of an outright conviction by the ASC Securities. Today Rev Clifford wrote a post in the CEF Investors Forum that - at long long last the Synod Board of Directors has done something about the people involved... Continue Reading →

CEF/DIL: When Silence Becomes Assent

On Jan 2015 when ABC District entered CCAA protection the world as LCC's membership knew it was turned upside down. In the time since then, the ABC District Task Force, the CEF Representative Action, and now the ASC have all painted the same picture in different ways - over the course of years District had misled church members... Continue Reading →

CEF/DIL – ASC Notice of Hearing

When you sell investments to the general public, there are rules you must follow to ensure that people make informed decisions with their savings and that what they buy is what they get. When you don't follow the rules, tell them one thing when the reality is something else, and deprive people of their investments... Continue Reading →

Synod’s Illegitimate Children

As the 2017 convention amply demonstrated, LCC has some deep-rooted cultural issues with policing its ranks, particularly in cases where popular people or difficult issues are involved - in such cases it's certainly a lot easier to close one's eyes to what was going on, laugh at the ongoing stream of jokes, and go about... Continue Reading →

Get Out Of Jail Free Card – Now Official!

It's been brought to my attention that the New and Improved Handbook has an interesting change for the Commission on Adjudication (COA). I've quoted the text in full and bolded the part that should concern every member of LCC. 8.41 Jurisdiction The Commission of Adjudication shall have jurisdiction in the following: a. procedural questions involved in... Continue Reading →

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