ABC District May 2015 Handbook

Earlier I posted a link to the 2012 version of the ABC District Handbook - it turns out there's a 2015 version that I was not aware of and did not have a copy of. You can get it directly from the ABC District Website here or you can get a copy from my backup archives here.

CEF/DIL: Reviewing the District’s Letter with a Critical Eye / Part 2

This article is reviewing a letter by District President Schaeffer to the members of the ABC District. Part 1 covered the introduction and the three major points of the letter, this article will address the closing paragraphs, and the concluding article will have some closing thoughts. In a complex financial situation as that faced by... Continue Reading →

CEF/DIL: When Silence Becomes Assent

On Jan 2015 when ABC District entered CCAA protection the world as LCC's membership knew it was turned upside down. In the time since then, the ABC District Task Force, the CEF Representative Action, and now the ASC have all painted the same picture in different ways - over the course of years District had misled church members... Continue Reading →

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