Easter – The Rest of the Story

In the Christian calendar major three events stand out - Christmas when Christ was born of a virgin in an animal's feeding trough, Good Friday when He took on the full punishment for the sins of all mankind for all eternity and willingly laid down His life in the process , and Easter when He... Continue Reading →


Good Friday: “It is Finished”

This is a repost of an article I published for Good Friday 2018 - it's as applicable now as it was then.   ANO As one of my areas of interest is justice and injustice in a Christian context, it's easy to get frustrated about the church's inability to deal with clear violations of church teaching.... Continue Reading →

LCC Board of Directors Wants to Hear From You / Part 2 – Conclusion

Part 1 of this series discussed the Synod BOD's "request for comments". Part 2 is one member's response to that request. To: Mr. Arnold Drung Chairman of the Board of Directors of Lutheran Church Canada From: Rev. Robert Clifford Pastor of the Hanover, Kincardine, Southampton, Ontario tri-parish It was good to see you the other weekend... Continue Reading →

ASC Hearing Ruling: Balance of Convenience

In the ASC hearing one point of discussion was what was termed a "Balance of Convenience".  The Encyclopedia of Canadian Law defines this term so: Balance of Convenience meaning or description: a common law test; a court applying this test will balance the prejudice to one party of denying the relief asked for, against the prejudice to the... Continue Reading →

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