CEF/DIL: The Non-Financial Impact

The dollar costs of the CEF / DIL collapse are pretty well known - the DIL investors got ~80% of their deposits back in "relatively" short order while the CEF depositors with less than $5K got all their money back and - on average - the larger depositors got ~18% of their funds back with... Continue Reading →


CEF/DIL: 36th Monitor Report Posted

The "eyes and ears" of the court for a CCAA proceeding is Deloitte and they have a web page where they track their progress as the ABC District situation is being worked through.  On Oct 1, 2018 they posted their 36th report to update where things are. In summary: The Sage Application to resolve the... Continue Reading →

LCC Commission on Nominations and Elections: Nominations from the Floor

Synod is continuing its march towards a restructured future with elections to the various Synodical positions taking place at the three Districts (1). Following the results of the restructuring vote at the 2017 convention, on March 14, 2018 the Commission on Nominations and Elections (CNE) sent out a call for nominations with a submission deadline of... Continue Reading →

CEF/DIL – ASC Notice of Hearing

When you sell investments to the general public, there are rules you must follow to ensure that people make informed decisions with their savings and that what they buy is what they get. When you don't follow the rules, tell them one thing when the reality is something else, and deprive people of their investments... Continue Reading →

World Oceans Day – What Would ANO Do? / Part 1 – “Who Owns Creation?”

In LCC's Pollution Confusion I discussed how using the passage from Numbers to advocate against polluting the oceans was a confusion of the two kingdoms and had little if anything in common with the pollution World Oceans Day was intended to address. After the article was posted I got some pushback "What would you do?"  and I'd... Continue Reading →

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