Twitter Quote of the Day – Feb 19, 2021

Peacemaking ministries whose theological frameworks were created w/o the input of oppressed and/or marginalized people aren't the ones you want when there's serious injustice or systemic abuse involved. Those situations demand a justice orientation, not a conflict resolution one. Sometimes conflict arises because equals disagree. They need conflict resolution. Other times, conflict arises because powerful... Continue Reading →

After Justice is Found

To date LCC has continued its policy of silence - acting like the events that led to CEF / DIL didn't happen or doing anything to console the victimes. Synod even allowed Pr Ruf - a convicted criminal - to receive a Call to another church. Ordinarily that's only allowed for clergy members in good... Continue Reading →

Fun Friday: Apr 3, 2020

From The Babylon Bee Congregation Gently Informs Pastor The Babylon Bee Is Satire WILLOW FALLS, NY—Pastor Chuck Nielsen of Foundations Church prides himself on his powerful, moving sermons. But congregants began to grow concerned when Nielsen referenced articles from popular satire site The Babylon Bee in nearly every message. "At first, we thought he was playing... Continue Reading →

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