CEF/DIL: The End of the CCAA Proceeding is Nigh

On Jan 15, 2015 LCC ABC District shocked the Lutheran Church-Canada community when it declared a “sufficient cash flow shortage” and froze all withdrawals from its CEF and then DIL investment funds. District personnel later blamed a “perfect storm” of withdrawals, outstanding loans, and a lack of other investments that could earn money for the… Continue Reading →

CEF/DIL: Lightning Round Mar 16, 2019

Growing up money was tight and nothing went to waste – especially food. When the end of the week approached and the fridge had accumulated an assortment of leftovers that wouldn’t make a meal on their own, my Mom would take the lot, dump them in a pot, cook it, and “Mom’s Surprise” would be… Continue Reading →

ABC / CEF / DIL Bankruptcy and Related Proceedings

ABC / CEF / DIL Bankruptcy: D&T – Monitor Website Kluane Partners (CRO – citation to the LCC action on its home page) ABC District Review Task Force Government of Canada CCAA Record Shepherd’s Village Ministries Ltd Liquidation: KPMG Liquidator Website CEF / DIL support efforts Barnabas Project to help the CEF / DIL depositors

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