DIL Representative Action Update – 2022-01-05

The following update was just posted to the Sugden McFee & Roos LLP webpage.

Update: December 8, 2021


A Partial Settlement has been approved by the Court

Sugden McFee & Roos LLP, Class Counsel for the DIL Representative Action Class Members, is pleased to advise that Mr. Justice Rooke ACJ pf the Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench has approved the partial settlement and certification of the DIL Representative Action, effective November 25, 2021. The court order approving the partial settlement and certification is subject to a one month appeal period which will expire on December 26, 2021. If no appeal is filed, and subject to the advice and direction of Madame Justice Romaine of the CCAA Court, Class Counsel expects to be able to begin disbursing the settlement funds to Class Members by mid-January 2022. Please check back on this website on or after January 7, 2022 for further updates.

An Approval Notice will be sent to all DIL Representative Action Class Members by mail on December 17, 2021. The Notice includes a DIL Representative Action Settlement Funds Payment Election Form. If you have questions about the Form, or any other matter related to the partial settlement or the Approval Notice, please contact Class Counsel at dilrepaction@smrlaw.ca or the Settlement Administrator at dillccsettlement@mnp.ca.

For further information about the partial settlement, please refer to the Order for Approval and Certification for Partial Settlement, and the Approval Notice.

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