CEF/DIL Updates – Oct 27, 2021 Corrections

Ok, I must’ve been asleep at the wheel to make the mistakes I made on the original post, so here’s a mea-culpa post.

Correction #1: As it turns out, there are two “Ruf”s involved in the CEF/DIL mess and I got them confused.

  • Harry Ruf was ABC District President when the life lease village was built and the loan to build the Prince of Peace seniors facilities was approved. Harry was not named in the ASC suit.
  • Harry’s son Mark Ruf was a member of the Board, an officer and director of DIL, VP of ABC District, and a member of the DSFM Committee while Prince of Peace was being operated. Mark was named in the ASC suit and settlement and AFAIK is currently on LCC’s clergy roll as a member in good standing.

You can read the ASC settlement here.

Correction #2: Item #3 in the original update pertaining to the representative action stay being lifted was dated 2017 not 2021, so it is very old news and not an update.

Suggested Reading: For anyone new to this blog a review of past events would be in order. After the ABC District declared a “sufficient cash shortage” on Jan 15, 2015, the District Board appointed a task force to investigate what happened and report back.

The task force produced what was supposed to be the first of two reports, and you can read it here.

After the first report was released the ABC District Board terminated the task force purportedly due to the pending legal representative action and a second report was never issued.

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