Twitter Quote of the Day – Feb 19, 2021

Peacemaking ministries whose theological frameworks were created w/o the input of oppressed and/or marginalized people aren’t the ones you want when there’s serious injustice or systemic abuse involved. Those situations demand a justice orientation, not a conflict resolution one.

Sometimes conflict arises because equals disagree. They need conflict resolution. Other times, conflict arises because powerful people are crushing the weak, and the image of God in the weak cry out, “No more!” They don’t need conflict resolution. They need justice.

The pursuit of justice sometimes leads to MORE conflict, not less. So it requires more courage, more political will. But that’s the kind of conflict that leads to actual peace b/c it demands repentance & reparation. Anything less is pacifism at best, collusion with evil at worst.

Originally tweeted by Judy Wu Dominick 吳曉青 (@judydominick) on February 14, 2021.

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