CEF/DIL – Will There Yet Be Consequences?

I’ve written many articles about the lack of action by the various Synodical officials even in the face of an outright conviction by the ASC Securities. Today Rev Clifford wrote a post in the CEF Investors Forum that – at long long last the Synod Board of Directors has done something about the people involved in this mess. Specifically – “Concerning the Clergy who were Named Respondents in the Alberta Securities Commission’s Agreed Statement of Facts & Undertaking:  ... the Board has now directed the President’s Ministry Council (formerly the Council of Presidents) to deal with this matter.”

The form and structure of the President’s Ministry Council is detailed in section 2.301 of the handbook.

Guess who would’ve had to approve or fail to object to Pr Ruf’s recent call to Thunder Bay?

Two of the three Regional Pastors on the President’s Ministry Council.

5.49 of the handbook delegates disciplinary authority to the Regional Pastor in which a pastor serves.

It’ll take a lot of backbone and humility for the RPs to admit to dropping the ball in this matter and doing what needs to be done.

Here’s praying they are able to do so.

(Interesting handbook fact – Section 5.43 “Continuing Eligibility” and 5.47 “Candidate Status” has a list of people that are eligible to be on the active clergy roster or on the candidate roster. Missing from both lists is “no criminal history.”)

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