Sage Resources and Deloitte CCAA Distribution

Earlier today I got the following comment / question:

“In regards to the last meeting which was held November 28 / 2020 are. We going to get some information sent out? I could not get it on my Computer,would like to know what happened and was discussed. Thanks . Or it can be Emailed.”

I appreciate the question though I am not the appropriate person to contact about these kind of Sage related concerns. For anyone that is looking for Sage-related resources, here’s my list of places with Sage-related content:

  • Sage Properties Investor Communications – public blog.
  • Sage Properties – Contact Information has Sage’s mailing address and contact phone #
  • Board Chair – Sandra Jory
  • CEF Investors Forum was formed when the CEF / DIL debacle first became public. This forum has content dating back to the start of this sordid tale, is currently tracking Sage-related questions, and doubtless will include discussion of the two Representative Actions when they commence. If you want to discuss Sage-related topics with fellow shareholders, this is the place to find them.

In CCAA related matters, Deloitte has mailed out the final CCAA distribution. If you are a CEF depositor expecting a distribution check and haven’t gotten it yet, you can contact Deloitte here:

Please note that any funds not claimed by Jan 31, 2021 will be handed over to Sage to be distributed to the Sage shareholders at a future date. You can read about the details of the distribution in Deloitte’s Suppliment to its 39th report. You can find the 39th report on the Deloitte CCAA web-page.

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