Issues Etc. “Making the Case” Conference

Issues Etc. is an on-line podcast for the thinking Lutheran. Every year they have an in-person conference on a number of interesting topics for people to listen and learn from, and a chance to fellowship with other Lutherans.
This year they’ve gone virtual (sound familiar?) – and there’s still time to join the conference! Right now they’re playing some epic and inspirational organ / choral music.
One note – the registration fee is in US dollars.
Dear Issues, Etc. Listener,
The 2020 VIRTUAL “Making the Case” Conference begins at 3 p.m. Central today with a live broadcast of Issues, Etc.!  
The speaking lineup includes: Mark and Mollie Hemingway, Matt Walsh, Chris Rosebrough, Greg Koukl, Katy Faust and Hans Fiene.  Viewers can also ask questions for the speakers during Q & A sessions.
You can still register.  The $135 registration fee includes the ability to watch live and on-demand.  CLICK HERE, for a conference schedule and to register or call (618) 223-8385.
See you this afternoon!
Todd Wilken, Host
Issues, Etc.
Apologies for the formatting – wordpress is doing strange things and not putting blank lines between paragraphs.

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