CEF/DIL: The Wheels of Justice Grind Slowly

It’s said that the wheels of justice turn slowly because of how fine they grind. This is a good thing because a just system needs to correctly discern the good from evil so it can protect the good while holding the evil to account.

Almost eight months ago in Sept 2019 the ASC settled with five respondants and I documented that settlement in CEF/DIL – ASC Settles with Lutheran Church Respondents. Long story short, the five people named in the ASC proceeding all confessed to breaching various securities laws, agreed to pay a fine, and were barred from any direct work with public investment activity.

Based on the Concrete Equities case I expected the RCMP to follow up with criminal charges a few months later – so far that hasn’t happened.

What did just happen was that the BC Securities regulator just published a series of notices for reciprocal orders with the ASC Securities regulator. These reciprocal orders basically impose the same punishments as the ASC settlement without imposing any additional fines.

Links to the BSC orders follows:

I’ll be reviewing these orders and providing commentary in the future.

Things I’m looking for and haven’t seen:

  • Similar orders with the other provincial regulators
  • RCMP publicly filing charges
  • Any indication of LCC Synod disciplinary action with respect to the clergy breaching various scriptural requirement about qualities that stewards of the mysteries of Christ must posses. Based on what I’ve seen in the Canadian Lutheran, SP Teuscher has time to write about inter-clergy sniping over how to navigate the COVID 19 pandemic while saying nothing about flagrant breaches of both Christian and legal norms that demand disciplinary action by church authorities such as himself and / or the Board of Directors.

In other news –

  1. Sage has posted a notice that they have ZERO cases of Covid19 in their facility as of May 14, 2020. We praise the Lord for this kindness and pray that He would continue to protect the people in this facility as well as the general public.
  2. I have no updates from the CEF/DIL Monitor or the legal firms pursuing the CEF and DIL representative actions.
  3. The Monitor for Shepherds Village Ministries has changed contacts with Cristina Pimienta becoming the new point of contact. I presume they’re still working on getting the business sorted out after the previous Board left it in utter shambles while misplacing millions of dollars.
  4. I have evidence that Mr Schiemann’s been doing pastor stuff at an LCC church. I’ve sent the pastor in question a note asking for his side of the story and will write an article on the topic at the appropriate time.

Things have been quiet here as there hasn’t been much to write about and other matters have been taking up my time.

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