CEF: Deloitte Notice to Depositors Apr 1, 2020

The CCAA Monitor website for the Lutheran Ch​urch – Canada,  the Alberta – British Columbia District et. al.​​​​​​​​​ bankruptcy has been updated with the following entry:

8. Notice to CEF depositors re final distribution, dated April 1, 2020

Long story short –

  1. The scheduled Apr 22, 2020 court appearance to get approval for the final distribution has been put off indefinitely due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As conditions evolve, the Monitor will revisit this case and bring it forward for resolution at the earliest appropriate opportunity.
  2. Assuming the final distribution is approved and nobody appeals the approval, a check will be issued within one month of approval and sent to the creditor’s previous address on record. If that address has changed please let the Monitor know.
  3. If the creditor has died and payment is to be made to the estate, the Monitor will need a copy of copy of the death certificate along with the creditor’s last will and testament so payment is made according to the instructions contained therein.

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