CEF: The Number You Have Called Is Not In Service

Back in September 28, 2019 I posted an article “CEF: Update from Deloitte” which posited that the Tuscany property had been sold, a distribution was waiting for court approval, with the expectation the distribution would be out the door sometime in Nov 2019.

Fast forward to Jan 2020. The Deloitte insolvency website hasn’t been updated with a report about the court appearance, and I’ve heard nothing about the distribution being sent to the depositors.

Being naturally curious I sent an email to calgaryrestructuring@deloitte.ca asking where things were.

A few days later – no answer.

I called the (403) 267-1899 phone number on the insolvency web page and got “The number you have called is not in service.” in response. 

That got my eyebrows raised a bit.

Next stop was the Deloitte website, where I had to do some digging to find the contact info for the AB offices (here). That got me the Calgary office (403)-267-1700 phone number. I called the number, got routed to the voicemail of a person whose name escapes me, where I left a voicemail message asking where things were.

Hopefully I’ll hear something Monday. If I do I’ll report it here.

Note – it’s possible that Deloitte’s sent the distribution and forgot to update their website. If you’ve received a distribution check since Sept 2019, please let me know via my contact page.

In other “nothing’s happened recently” news…

For the CEF Representative action, Higgerty Law’s last update was posted to their webpage on Dec 9, 2019 (article here).  I expect they’re working the case behind the scenes and are in part waiting for Deloitte to certify the CCAA proceeding are complete.

For the DIL Representative action, the Sugden McFee and Roos class proceedings webpage lists a Notice of Civil Claim and Statement of claim filed back in Dec 2016 . This webpage hasn’t been updated since then, possibly because they’re waiting for the CCAA proceeding to be certified complete and the associated stays lifted before they begin.

I’d speculate that Higgerty Law and SMR may be collaborating on their respective cases since they’ll be relying on similar background history to pursue their respective cases.

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