CEF/DIL – ASC Settlement News Release

The ASC has issued a news release on the ASC - LCC settlement. A copy of this release follows. ANO LUTHERAN CHURCH SETTLES WITH ASC FOR MISLEADING INVESTORS Sep 12, 2019 CALGARY – September 12, 2019 – The Alberta Securities Commission (ASC) has concluded a Settlement Agreement and Undertaking with the Lutheran Church-Canada, the Alberta-British Columbia... Continue Reading →

Diane Langberg Quote of the Day – Sept 12, 2019

https://twitter.com/DianeLangberg/status/1163955762894450688 To put it another way - this is another illustration of the principle of the two kingdoms. When it comes to ministering to a traumatized soul, there's a time and place for clergy with Word and Sacrament, and a time and place for a trained mental health professional. Together the two working together can... Continue Reading →

LCC CEF ASC Hearing “adjourned sine die”

This afternoon the LCC CEF entry on the ASC "status of current proceedings" page was updated with the status "adjourned sine die".  According to Wikipedia that means Adjournment sine die (from the Latin "without day") means "without assigning a day for a further meeting or hearing". To adjourn an assembly sine die is to adjourn it for an indefinite period. A legislative body adjourns... Continue Reading →

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