LCC Financial Reporting

When we talk about “Lutheran Church Canada” or any related organizations that fly under the LCC umbrella, one typically thinks of a church endeavoring to advance the work of the faith. The reality is that LCC the Synod, the old Districts, both Seminaries, and every individual church actually has two aspects to its operation – the “left-hand” kingdom under God’s authority on earth through the civil government and the “right-hand” kingdom under God’s spiritual authority.

The “left-hand” corporate entity operates in obedience to the laws of the land pertaining to corporate operating standards, employment standards, paying taxes, the management, disbursement, and accounting of funds, and the like. The “right-hand” aspect is the work of proclaiming the Word, ministering to the flock, rightly dividing Law and Gospel, and everything else that goes with that.

As part of their compliance with the “left-hand” kingdom governing authorities every corporate organization – both secular and religious – has to file financial data with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) at regular intervals. CRA, in turn, makes this information publicly available via its website. Some organizations interested in holding charities accountable for their financial management (like Charity Data) then take the CRA data and present it on the web in a format that’s easier to read and digest and do year over year comparisons.

Following are links I found for the financial reports of various LCC organizations for your review. I’ve also posted these to my “LCC Synod” page of links.





  • LCC, Central District, CEF: CRA

ABC and East District’s CEF is part of the District corporation and is reported as part of their respective financials.

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